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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Help the Girls!!

I haven't been blogging for some time now. I didn't want to blog in the month of ramadan, primarily because i've learnt that each minute of ramadan is worth alot. Its worthed so much that it should not be wasted. Unfortunately, i am very hurt today. So hurt that it pains right in the centre of my chest...

I went shopping today at Geylang, went to visit the Ramadan bazaar. Being a Saturday night, i obviously need not go into details on the crowd that was there. Now you might be wondering what upset me at shopping. Let me tell you..

I bumped into many girls today at Geylang. If i were to place the hijab clad ladies and the skimpily clad ladies, i am definate that the scale which holds the latter if far heavier then the former. Such girls are very common in Singapore..even muslim girls. Be it other months, i wonder if it would have hurt me this much.It didnt actually. i dont know why. But when i see them during Ramadan,wearing short mini skirts, sleeveless tops, hugging their men shamelessly in public i would just give them a rude stare. My simplest effort to remind them that what they are doing would be shunned by Allah s.w.t and the rasool s.a.w. Deep within, i would tell myself ' Oh Allah..Please help them change.' And thats it, i wouldnt think about that for another second more. But i guess today, i just went abit too overboard? mm...maybe

Today when i saw such girls, i felt a deep pain in me..i dont know how to explain. It sort of sent shivers down my spine... there's only 1 think that came to my mind. Their sufferings in HELL. The torment of the Fire, their laughter today would turn into scream and shrieks of pain tomorrow. Though the number of girls wearing the hijab is increasing everyday, mashallah, i really hope i can help these group of girls who are blinded slaves of shaitan. I call them blinded, bcos i am very sure that they don't know what they are doing. They might think that 'yea, i know i should cover up.But if i dont, its ok.'. Why?

Ignorance! probably their parents didnt teach them islamic values? I dont know.. as for me, my mom left me to explore the religion at my own pace. She never once forced me to pray. She never once complained if i did any unislamic deed. Now and then she tells us random stories of Hadees. She is a very very pious woman herself. But surprisingly she never rushed us into embracing islam. Even the hijab, i embraced it myself. I don't know what made me reach further to God. I really dont know.Come to think of it now, i really dont know. I know of many friends whose parents are not at all pious but my friends are. Now, i wonder what makes someone reach further to Allah.

Coming back to the 'girls' ..I really feel i should do something to help them.To make them realise the beauty of Islam, the graciousness of Allah. Who can turn their back on such a beautiful religion. I dont might being scolded at. I dont mind being ridiculed. I dont mind being embarrased. I am Going to Do It For Allah.For Islam. its allah and islam that matters most to me. I dont feel angry about them anymore..just sad.

Everyone reading this, i sincerely feel its a joint effort. I cant change the world. I am just too small for the huge change that we have to make. Please do some thing for Allah,the Rasool and Islam. Do something and Insyallah, God wil reward you.