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Saturday, June 28, 2008

SimplyIslam Lecture

Sunday 29 June
Maulid & Lectures
Topic: Seeking Closeness to Allah & His Messenger (s.a.w.)
Time: 11am-1pm @ Masjid Al-Istighfar, 2 Pasir Ris Walk.
By Shaykh Khalil Moore

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I wonder...

I wonder........................

If Prophet Muhammad visited you just for a day or two,If he came unexpectedly,I wonder what you would do?

Oh I know you would give your nicest room, To such an honored guest,And you would serve him your very best.

You would be the very best,
Cause you're glad to have him there,
That serving him in your home
Would be a joy without compare.

But...when you see him coming,
Would you meet him at the door
With your arms outstretched in welcome,
To your visitor?

Or...would you have to change your clothes
before you let him in?Or hide some magazines
and putThe Qur'an where they had been?

Would you still watch those movies,
Or your T.V. set?
Or would you switch it off,
Before he gets upset.

Would you turn off the radio,
And hope he had not heard?
And wish that you did not utter
your last loud hasty word?
Would you hide your worldly music,
And instead take out Hadith books?
Could you let him walk right in,
Or would you rush about?

And I wonder...
if the Prophet (saw) spent, a day or two with you,
Would you go on doing the things you always do?
Would you go right on and say the things You always say?
Would life for you continueAs it does from day to day?
Would your family conversations,Keep up their usual pace?
And would you find it hard each meal,To say a table grace?
Would you keep up each and every prayer?
Without putting on a frown?
And would you always jump up early,For Fajr at dawn?

Would you sing the songs you always sing?
And read the book you read?
And let him know the things on which,Your mind and spirit feed?

Would you take the Prophet with you,
Everywhere you plan to go?
Or, would you maybe change your plans,
Just for a day or so?

Would you be glad to have him meet,
Your very closest friends?
Or, would you hope they stay away,
Until his visit ends?

Would you be glad to have him stay,
Forever on and on?
Or would you sigh with great relief,
When he at last was gone?

It might be interesting to know,The things that you would do.If Prophet Muhammad came,To spend some time with you.

It would be best if we lead our lives everday as though Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) is watching over us. Insyallah.


Al-Asma-ul-Husna (99 Names of Allah/God)

This video will help you to get the pronounciations right....

About Asma -Ul-Husna ( The beautiful names of Allah)

"Allah is He, other than Whom there is no other god;Who knows both what is hidden and what can be witnessed;He is the Most Compassionate and Merciful.Allah is He, other than Whom there is no other god;the Sovereign, the One, the Source of Peace,the Guardian of Faith, the Preserver of Security,the Exalted, the Compelling, the Supreme.Glory be to God, beyond any associations.He is Allah, the Creator, the Evolver, the Bestower of Form.To Him belong the Most Beautiful Names:Whatever exists in heaven and earth declares His Praise and Glory.And He is Exalted in Power, the Wise."
Al Hashr 59:22, tr. Helminski

The God. The only one Almighty. He alone is worthy of worship.
The Originator. He who creates all creatures initially without matter or model.
The Just. He who is Equitable.
The Enricher. The Sufficer.
The Last.
The Guardian. He who watches over and protects all things. (Helper in Peril)
The Pardoner. He who pardons all who sincerely repents.
The Appraiser. He who knows the number of every single thing in existence, even to infinity.
The Knower of All. He who has full knowledge of all things.
The Restorer. He who recreates His creatures after He has annihilated them.
The One. The only one.
The Bestower of Honors. He who confers honor and dignity.
The First.
The Responder to Prayer. He who grants the wishes who appeals to him.
The Mighty & Strong.
The Nourisher. He who gives every creature it's sustenance.
The Magnificent. The Most High. He who is Most Splendid.
The Expediter. He who brings forward whatever He wills (Forewarner).
The Incomparable. He who is without model or match, and who brings into being worlds of amazing wonder.
The Equitable One. He who does everything with proper balance and harmony.
The Resurrector. He who brings the dead to life, and raises them from their tombs.
The Creator of All Power. He who disposes at His will even of the strongest and mightiest of His creatures.
The Everlasting One. Eternal (in the future).
The Taker of Life. He who creates the death of a living creature.
The Maker of Order (Skilled Worker). O Evolver who created all things so that each whole and its parts are in perfect conformity and harmony.
The Avenger. He who justly inflicts upon wrongdoers the punishment they deserve.
Source of all Goodness. He who treats His servants tolerantly, and whose goodness and kindness are very great indeed.
The Shaper of Beauty. He who designs all things, giving each its particular form and character (Sculptor).
The All-Seeing. To those who invoke this Name one hundred times between the obligatory and customary prayers in Friday congregation, Allah grants esteem in the eyes of others.
The Supreme One. He is exalted in every respect, far beyond anything the mind could possibly attribute to His creatures.
The Reliever (Uncloser). He who releases, letting things expand.
The Majestic. He who demonstrates His greatness in all things and in all ways.
The Hidden One. He who is hidden, concealed.
The Humiliator. He who degrades and abases.
The Distresser The Creator of the Harmful. He who creates things that cause pain and injury.
The Creator of Good. He who creates things that yields advantages and benefit.
The Opener. He who opens the solution to all problems and makes things easy.
The Light. He who gives light to all the worlds, who illuminates the faces, minds and hearts of His servants.
The Forgiving. He who is always ready to forgive.
The Constrictor. He who constricts and restricts.
The Forgiver and Hides Faults.
The All Powerful. He who is Able to do what He wills as He wills (Providence).
The Rich one. He who is infinitely rich and completely Independent.
The Subduer. He who dominates all things, and prevails upon them to do whatever He wills (Dominant).
The Guide. He who provides guidance.
The Most Strong.The Possessor of All Strength.
The Preserver. He who guards all creatures in every detail.
The Self-Existing One. He who maintains the heavens, the earth, and everything that exists.
The Ever Living One. The living who knows all things and whose strength is sufficient for everything.
The Pure One. He who is free from all errors.
The Perfectly Wise. He whose every command and action is pure wisdom.
The Exalter. He who raises up.
The Judge. He who judges and makes right prevails.
The All Compassionate. He who acts with extreme kindness.
The Highest. The Exalted.
The All Merciful. He who wills goodness and mercy for all His creatures.
The Forbearing. He who is Most Clement.
The Watchful One.
The Praisedworthy. All praise belongs to Him, and who alone do the tongues of all creation laud.
The Righteous Teacher. He who moves all things in accordance with His eternal plan, bringing them without error and with order and wisdom to their ultimate destiny (Unerring).
The Truth. He who’s being endures unchangingly.
The Kind. He who is very compassionate (Indulgent).
The Accounter. He who knows every details.
The Sustainer. He who provides all things useful to His creatures.
The Compelling. He who repairs all broken thing, and completes that which is incomplete.
The Patient One. He who is characterized by infinite patience.
The Glorious. He who is Lord of Majesty and Grandeur.
The Source of Peace. He who frees His servants from all danger.
The Gatherer. He who brings together what He wills, when He wills, where He wills.
The Eternal. He who is the only recourse for the ending of need and the removal of affliction.
The Greatest. He who supremely great.
The Hearer of All. Allah takes care of all the needs of those who invoke this glorious Name one hundred times.
The Generous. He whose generosity is most abundant.
The Witness. He who is present everywhere and observes all things.
The All Aware. He who has the knowledge of inner & most secret aspects of all things.
The Rewarder of Thankfulness. He who gratefully rewards good deeds (Appreciator).
The Abaser. He who brings down, diminishes.
The Acceptor to Repentance. He who is ever ready to accept repentance and to forgive sins (Relenting).
The Creator. He who brings from non-being into being, creating all things in such a way that He determines their existence and the conditions and events they are to experience.
The Trustee / Guardian. He who manages the affairs of those who duly commit them to His charge, and who looks after them better than they could themselves.
The Subtle One. He who knows the minutest subtleties of all things.
The Protecting Friend. He who is a nearest friend to His good servants.
The Majestic One. He whose glory is most great and most high.
The Giver of All. He who constantly bestows blessings of every kind.
The Glorious. He, whose dignity and glory are most great, and whose generosity and munificence are bountiful.
The Unique. He who is Single, absolutely without partner or equal in His Essence, Attributes, Actions, Names and Decrees.
The Absolute Ruler. The Ruler of the entire universe (King of Kings).
The Finder. He who finds what He wishes when He wishes (Perceiving).
The Owner of All. The King of the Kingdom.
The Loving One. He who loves His good servants, and bestows his compassion upon them.
The Preventer of Harm. The Withholder.
The Governor. The Protecting Friend. He who administers this vast universe and all its passing phenomena.
The Inspirer of Faith. He who awakes the light of faith in our hearts.
The All Comprehending. He who has limitless capacity and abundance.
The Firm. He who is very steadfast.
The Inheritor of All. He who is the Real Owner of all riches.
The Giver of Life. He who confers life, gives vitality, revives.
The Manifest One. He who is Evident.
The Delayer. He who sets back or delays whatever He wills.
The Lord of Majesty and Bounty. He who possesses both greatness and gracious magnanimity.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Upcoming In-House Talk - Ustaz Khalil Moore‏

Assalamu'alaikum Wr. Wb.

Dear Friends,

The Education-Da'wah Division of Darul Arqam Singapore is organizing an In-House Talk by a renowned speaker from US, Ustaz Khalil Moore. Indeed, the speakers' knowledge and experience in the religious field promises to make the session an interesting learning venture.

The details of the lecture are as follows:

Date / Time: 27 June 2008 / 8.00pm
Event: In-House Talk
Topic: Journey of A Seeker
Speaker: Ustaz Khalil Moore
Venue: Darul Arqam Auditorium

Please click the hyperlink for the speakers' profile & synopsis for your reference & perusal. Details of this talk could equally be found at Indeed, we hope that you can share this message with your friends as well.

For clarifications, please call us at tel. no. 63488344 ext. 35 or email to We look forward to your valued participation with the speaker.

Shukran. Wassalam.

Junaidi Ali
Education & Da'wah Division
Darul Arqam Singapore
32, Onan Road, The Galaxy,
Singapore 424484.

Friday, June 13, 2008

8 Qns about Zikr (Remembrance of Allah)

and Zikrullah is the greatest thing in life without doubt - Al-Ankabut, 29:45

The following article has been published in The Muslim Reader (vol.26) which is published by Darul Arqam Singapore. The following questions have been answered by Ustaz Syed Esa Alkaff & Haji Mustafa Kadir


  • What is Zikr?

Haji Mustafa (MK): Zikr or Zikrullah is the remembrance of Allah(swt). It can be the recitation of the tongue, or of the heart that makes you remember and glorify Allah(swt). We can recite Zikr silently (sirr) in our own hearts.Or verbally, so softly with our tongues that only we could hear it. Zikr can be recited loudly (jahar) with or without rhythmic body movments, with the conditions that (1) the environemnt and situation permits and (2) without causing hindarance to oneself or others.

Ustaz Syed Esa Alkaff (SE) : Allah says, "O you who believe! Celebrate the praises of Allah, and do this often, and glorify Him morning and evening" (Al-Ahzab ,33:41-42).

  • Why should we recite Zikr?

MK: Man was created to serve Allah (SWT)."I have only created jinns and men, that they may serve Me" (Al-dhariyat,51:56). Constant Zikr strengthens faith, brightens the heart, destroys the ego, and develops the feelings of servitude to our Lord (Rabb). If a house is left empty, soon it will allow dusts, cobwebs, termites, rats and, depending on its environment, even poisonous snakes.Likewise, a heart that is left without remembrance (zikr) of Allah(SWT) opens itself to harmful thoughts and whispers of the evil ones.

SE: By Zikr, we show gratitude to the Almighty for the immeasurable bounty HE has given us.

  • What is the islamic commandment(Akham) for Zikr?

MK: Zikr is obligatory(wajib) in daily prayers. "Oh you who believe! When the call is heard for the prayer on the day of congregation, hasten earnestly to the Remembrance of Allah.."(Al-Jumu'ah,62:09).

SE:It is strongly recommended (sunnah)

  • What is the easiest Zikr to practise?

SE: The Kalimah ' Laa ilaaha illalah' (There is no God except Allah)

  • Is there a suitable time or place for Zikr?

Mk: The blessed ones remember Allah at all times. Rasullulah (SAW) said, "My eyes sleep, my heart doesn't sleep" (Malik's Muwatta,07:02:09). Some noted suitable times are (1)in the silent of night before dawn (2) after Fajar prayer till sunrise and (3) after Maghrib until Isha. "Truly the rising by the night is most potent for governing (the soul), and most suitable for (framing) the word (of Prayer and Praise)" (Al-Muzzamil, 73:06). It can also be done while walking, travelling in bus and (for some people) even while working.

SE: Zikr can be done anywhere

  • What are the benefits of zikr?

MK: There are far too many but to mention a few:

  1. It srengthens Faith (Iman)
  2. It brightens (Nur) the heart
  3. It earns Allah's pleasure
  4. it builds reliance (Tawakul) on Allah
  5. It strengthens body and mind

SE: The ultimate benefit for us is having peace of mind and heart.
  • What are the zikr that prophet muhammad(S.A.W) practised or encouraged?

Tawhid: Laa ilaaha illallaah (There is no God but Allah)
Tasbih: Subhanallah (Glory to Allah)
Thahmeed: Alhamdullilah (All praises belong to Allah)
Takbir: Allahu Akhbar (Allah is the Greatest)
Istighfar: Astagh firullaah al azheem (I seek forgiveness from Allah the Great)
Selawat: Allahumma salli alaa Muhammad wa alaa aali Muhammad (O Allah, shower your blessings on Muhammad(SAW) and on the family of Muhammad(SAW))

  • In times of difficulty, what can we recite to calm ourselves?

MK: "And Allah says 'Call on me: I will answer your prayer" (Ghafir,40:60). In times of difficulty, one may recite the following or any other familiar Zkr and plead with the feelings to Allah for his assistance:

  1. La ilaa ha illa anta sub hanaka inni kuntu minadzalimin ( there is no god but Thou:Glory to Thee I was indeed wrong! ) Al-anbiya,21:87
  2. Alhamdullilahi Rabbil Aalamin (All praises belong to Allah, the Lord of all worlds)
  3. Allahumumma Salli a'la muhammad(SAW) wa alaa ali muhammad (O Allah, shower your blessings on Muhammad(SAW) and on the family of Muhammad(SAW))
  4. Address your need to Allah and conclude with a salutation on the Prophet (SAW) again.

SE: In times of difficulty, a simple Zikr that we can recite is Ya Allah, it will calm us down (Insha Allah)
SE: Wallahu ' Alam (Allah Knows Best)

MK: The above are my humble views. Where the views are right, it is truly by the grace of Allah(SWT). Where the views are improper, it is due to my ignorance and i seek your forgiveness.


Zikr involves 3 steps:

  1. Our thoughts of Allah in our mind that lead to
  2. Our feelings for Allah in our heart that inspires
  3. Our utterance of praises to Allah that reminds us of HIM

Zikr also frees one from all the forms of anxiety, stress and grief.

Allah says, "Remember me and i will remember you" (Al-Baqarah, 02:152). "Those who believe and whose hearts find satisfaction in the remembrance of Allah: for without doubt in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find satisfaction"(Al-Ra'd,13:28).

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Heart talks...

( With reference to the previous post, 'Dear Femme..')

In our cosmopolitan society, practically everything is westernized. So is our culture, our way of life and of course, our behavior.

Like once a sister told me, ‘it is so hard to live as a good muslim in the society today. There are so much of temptations to go astray. It is hard, but not impossible’. Very true indeed.

I am a normal muslim lady who accepts my faults and mistakes and look forward to change myself for the better through which, Inshallah, I would be a better muslim whom Allah s.w.t. loves. And frankly, it is not easy at all to ignore the abundant amount of alluring calls of syaitaan everywhere, all the time.

It takes strong faith and fear towards Allah s.w.t. and the life hereafter to constantly keep myself away from the evil. This would have never been possible without the proper guidance of my family and friends.

It hurts me sometimes when I see my fellow muslim friends not dressing up modestly. I wish they embrace the hijab whole heartedly which would bring only goodness to their mind, soul and conduct. I have always wanted to advise them on being modest, but never had the apt opportunity to do so. Insha allah, I would do it at the soonest. It is my duty as a friend and as a muslim to lead my friends.

Allah s.w.t. resides in the heart of a modest muslimah. Insha allah.

Unfortunately, on the other hand, I see muslim women who pray and adorn the hijab, but lie uncontrollably and live up a false front. Worse is that, they defend themselves by rationalizing that their lies don’t hurt anyone, so it is okay. NauzuBillah.

Inshallah, He allows them to realize their mistakes and allow them to change.


Dear Femme...

This is one of the most beautiful articles related to Islam that i have ever read. Masha Allah.The following is brought to you, courtesy of Irfana :)

Behind your colourful make up
Which you can remove
Lies a simple face

Which is given by Allah
With a beautiful fate
Dont let it fly like a feather
Dont let it be ruined with immodesty and unshamefulness
Allah destinied motherhood and beautiful marriages
for us femmes..

Which is the most beautiful things on earth

Catch your fate before it flies..

What you cant remove is the negative values you acquired unconciously

How are you going to erase it from the punishments in the Afterlife?

Behind your blow dried, soft hair
Are Angels praying for you
To cover your head from Syaitan's curse
Can you hear it?

Nothing is more beautiful than a Hijabi,my dear..
For Muslimah, who becomes a hijabi on with an open heart..
Allah will come to see you when you enter Paradise

MasyaAllah..No one can be as lucky..
Hijab is protection of the mind and soul.

Behind the fancy, immodest clothes you wear and admire
Lies the discomfort of the Angels
And the decent people around you

Angels who surround you for your safety
Angels who want to carry your duas to Allah but cant
due to your immodesty

Let us cover ourselves with dignity..
for Allah who made us
to dwell in love,tranquility and comfort..

Behind the liquor, premarital relations and illegal substances you consume
Lies the curse of Angels
who are dissapointed of your foolish act

Behind the immodesty you display with the males
Lies the unhappiness of Allah towards you, Nauzubillah

Let us not be in this curse anymore
Taubah is the best

Give your heart and fate to Allah

Give your tears of repentence to Him

Submit yourself to Allah
For Allah is Most Forgiving

Most Gentle, Most Kind

Let us be on His Path
Making Him Happy Always

For that is the best road
For unconditional happiness on earth and in the Afterlife.

Dear Femme
Dear Hijabi
Dear honourable Muslim Wife, Mothers and Daughters

For nothing is more beautiful in the world,than the Hayaa and shyness that you posess.
May Allah bless you,

For all the patience, gentleness and nobleness you display towards your family and Ummah
in simplicity, dignity, and values, in elegance.


Sunday, June 1, 2008

For Sisters:Working from Home

HireMyMom is a site created by non-Muslims. So if you believe that there is a need for moms to stay at home, read on.
Assalaamu alaikum .I know YOU aren't a mom, but you know lots of families with stay-at-home moms. If you can just pass this information along, maybe it will help somebody. I got a part time work-from-home job as a healthcare recruiter (hiring nurses) from a job listing on this website: .

HireMyMom is just a job board for moms who want to work from home, and all the jobs are posted by businesses who want to hire somebody to work from home. So it's like but much more specific.

Instead of posting their jobs online for everyone to see, HireMyMom emails them to you directly once you pay to subscribe. You pay them a fee because they screen out all the scam jobs and fake business schemes etc., so you can find a real job working from home. I've seen ads for lawyers, web designers, journalists, and all sorts of stuff.

It's $29.95 for 3 months or $99 a year. I hate to sound like a commercial. I promise I'm not on their advertising board. :) I just thought it was a good opportunity for legitimate work for women.

Jazak Allah khair!
Sister A.